You don’t have to be vegan to eat a vegan meal

Vegan Comfort Food
Cooked in Your Home


A menu prepared with you


Shopping done locally and sustainably


Cooked at home, packed in portions

Meet Monica Russell

I recall as a little girl in the South Bronx in the early 60s there were a few ladies who sold dinners out of their back doors (or apartment doors, in some cases). They offered hearty “Southern fare” such as spare ribs, smothered chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and a biscuit – you get the picture. The going rate was $5 per plate. Five dollars for a full plate of food that served two! Working people would call ahead and order for a pick up on the way home.

You had to live fairly close though before those flimsy white paper plates soaked through or fell apart. Everything was packed into a brown paper bag and off you went. I always thought how wonderful it would be to pick up a plate of home cooked food on the way home. I didn’t want to be the receiver though — I wanted to be the lady who cooked the food! AND NOW I AM.

What do people say?

OMG, Monica's cooking makes me want to convert to becoming a vegan. Each dish is so appetizing to look at and so beautifully presented. And then you bite in. WOW!!! Her imitation crab cakes, sweet potato pie, vegan pizza, everything... is mouth watering delicious. You gotta try them to believe them.
Davida W.
Absolutely love the food - even though I'm not even vegan, especially fond of the crab cakes. Never in a million years would you believe that it's not actually crab. The food is so succulent that even a hard-core meat eater like myself may convert!
Ann T.

Available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Hudson County - NJ and Essex County - NJ