Vegan Rants…

I sometimes come across vegan rants, be it a single remark or a culmination from various sources. It occurred to me that I have a list of my own. Some stung. Most rolled off my back. Herewith, in no particular order is what I’ve experienced:

Good looking and stylish vegan shoes are hard to find in size 11.

Good looking and stylish vegan shoes that are comfortable are hard to find in size 11.

Having my soy butter brought from home in a little container melt in the summertime before I get downtown to the bagel place.

Forgetting to bring my own butter to the bagel place and finding they ran out of peanut butter.

Sheepishly asking a bagel place if they have started carrying hummus yet.

Waiting in a bagel place while someone goes to the supply cooler to get the hummus and I have 15 minutes to get to work.

Hearing of people who tried vegan but got flabby eating pasta so reverted back to meat.

Someone pointing out that my Coach bag is not vegan (The damn thing is nine years old and it just won’t wear out.)

Having someone declare they are vegan but eat chicken on Sundays. Only on Sundays.

Someone declaring they cannot give up ice cream or else they would try vegan.

My father telling me my food looks good but asking where is his dinner. (I was only vegetarian then.)

My boyfriend asking if I have a meat cleaver.

A co-worker shocked to see me eating a bag of potato chips.

Having a co-worker announce that my vegan cheese “stinks.”

Having a co-worker insist that my tofu is chicken.

Being told that the bible says humans are supposed to eat meat.

Being jam-packed in a vehicle with relatives making laugh-out-loud fun of people who don’t eat meat.

Finding a fish recipe in a vegan cookbook.

I’m not mad, just saying…

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