Frequently Asked Questions

A Personal Chef is a cook who creates custom meals for people in their homes. It is often confused with a Private Chef, which is someone employed by a family full-time for all meals.

The media will tell you that only celebrities hire personal chefs, but personal chefs are used by single moms, busy families, expectant parents, people new to a city, people recovering from health issues, people with dietary restrictions and just about anyone that likes to eat but wants to relax and have someone else do it for them without going to a restaurant.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens

Essex County and Hudson County, NJ

Chef Monica does both after carefully creating a menu plan that you review and approve.

Yes. Because of state laws, unless the food is prepared in a commercial kitchen it must be prepared in the client’s home.

Depending on the service you choose, we will be at your house from 4-6 hours.

No. In fact, you can greet us and then go run errands or take care of your own personal chores are we cook and prepare everything. We even have some clients that provide a key code or give their doormen permission to let us in.

I bring some specialty equipment, pots, pans and cutlery.  When provided I also use your kitchen cookware as many clients prefer the use of their cookware for preparing meals.

You have a choice of having the food stored in disposable BPA free containers or in your own personal plastic or glassware.

No, in fact for our special occasion meals we have clients that book us just once or twice a year. Most meal prep clients commit to either monthly or bi-weekly service.

We take an initial deposit before meal planning, and then upon approval of the plan and a set date we take the full amount. Payment in advance offsets the expense of ingredients and provides the best and most reliable service for all involved.