How it works

How it works:

We have a simple 5-step process for you to take you from thought to table.

Initial Assessment – Consultation – Custom menu planning – Grocery shopping – Full Preparation

  1. Complete our questionnaire and let us know the type of service your interested in, how many people are involved, when and where. 
  2. We’ll connect by phone to review your assessment, discuss any special needs and understand your flavor palate and lifestyle. 
  3. We go to work customizing a menu plan for you one ingredient at a time and then submit that to you for approval or adjustments. 
  4. We go shopping and find the freshest, densest and richest ingredients to use for your meal choices. 
  5. We come over, food and equipment in tow, and prepare your meals to 100% completion. If it’s a dinner for the night we leave everything in serving dishes and then leave you to it. If it’s meal prep we label and store everything with clear instructions on how to reheat or plate them throughout the week.

Our initial assessment and consultation are free, however we do require a non-refundable deposit before we do any meal planning based on the time it takes for us to customize a menu for you. If you decide you don’t want to proceed with our services the meal plan is yours to keep. This ensures that you get only the best from our efforts and eliminates long delays in the planning process.

I've known Monica Russell for over 15 years and have enjoyed many a meal at her hands. She has catered nearly all of our family and friends events over the years and even my young son raves about her food. We love Monica and her food, it's like having your favorite aunt at home cooking all your favorite meals.
Isella Q.