Weekly Meal Prep

  • Escape from the stress of having to shop and let us do the shopping for you. Come home to a week of meals prepared for you.

    We create and prepare a week of meals so that all you have to do is come home, open the fridge, heat and eat!

    We make it as easy and flavorful as dining every day at your favorite restaurant without the wait time, long lines, inconveniences and expense.
    We can prep for 1, 2 or the whole family!

Special Occasions

  • Dinner Parties / Romantic Dinner for 2 Be a guest in your own home! Vegan chef Monica offers diverse menu options for individuals, couples and dinner parties up to 8 people. No matter the occasion we customize the menu for you and let you choose the number of courses, type of cuisine and palate. We prepare the food so that it is ready to serve and either leave you to serve it yourself or staff it so that you can be free from all hosting duties. Here are a few of the most popular types we serve:
  • Holiday fare
  • Anniversaries
  • Open houses
  • Retreats

Gifted Meals

  • New mothers, New home, Life transition Ready to serve your friends and family with a gift they’ll never forget? Perhaps you know a new mom who is too busy to keep up with a healthy routine or just deserving of a break for a while? Maybe you have a friend or colleague who is new to the area and still figuring out their daily routine? Or, you know someone who recently had a significant change in their life, such as a new job, a divorce, an expanded family, health diagnosis, surgery or other life changing event? Give then the gift of our weekly meal prep or arrange to have a special meal prepared for them at their home! There are plenty of opportunities to help someone “take a load off” and show them you care. To find out if this type of service would be the ideal gift for someone you know please contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.